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This is not something that should be taken lightly, you should go in to it with the understanding that a dog is a commitment for the full life span of that dog. Tibetan Terriers can be long lived and up to 14 years is not unusual, so how confident are you that you can give care and devotion to your dog throughout its various stages of life?

During puppyhood you’ll require understanding, time and patience, training of any sort (whether it be toilet training, obedience or tricks) are all learnt at different rates. You’ll have good and bad days but all will make progress eventually.

‘Mouthing’ is a common occurrence with all young puppies, this is NOT biting, it is the way they played with their siblings and now they see you as an extension of their siblings. However it can be quite painful for a human so needs to be addressed sooner rather than later. The period when the sharp baby teeth are replaced by the adult teeth is when they may chew. The eruption through the gums can be painful and just like a baby with its teething ring a puppy may look to ease its discomfort by chewing a chair leg etc.

The TT on the whole is a healthy breed but any dog as it ages might require a few more visits to the vets, perhaps some joint supplements and shorter more frequent walks. Can you look to the future and know you can provide all of this?

Research the breed characteristics – they are fundamentally a companion dog, but have guarding and working traits from their original ancestry. They are highly intelligent and therefore it is very unfair to leave them on their own for long periods of time as they can get lonely which can lead to destructiveness as they become upset. Having said this, if they are the right dog for you & your household, your circumstances and personalities, they can be an absolute joy and totally devoted to their family unit.

Finding your puppy – the right breeder will ask you lots of questions, it might seem a little intimidating but that is a good thing. They will want to know who is home for the dog, who is in the family, the ages of children and possibly your age too. Where you live and if there is access to a garden. The list will be individual to the breeder and should be very extensive. Don’t be put off by a breeder who asks a lot, these are the good guys. After all they’ve spent a lot of time and effort breeding these little souls so they want to make sure they have the right home.

Prior to visiting you could find out the Kennel Club names of the pups mother and the father, breeders might refer to these as the dam and sire. Once you have that information you can check the health status of the parents on the Kennel Club Website. There are 4 DNA tests for TTs and each parent will have the status of either clear, carrier or affected. Clear means the dog is free of the illness, Carrier mean the dog carries 1 good and 1 affected gene but the dog will not be affected itself.  However carriers of the same condition should not be bred together as they can produce an affected puppy. Each parent should have a hip score of around or under the breed average.  In addition they both should hold a clear BVA annual eye certificate for PRA & PLL.                             For further information please refer to our health page.

Licensing of your Breeder – The Kennel Club requires that breeders of more than 2 litters in a 12 month period should hold a breeding licensed from their local authority in order to register their litters with the KC.  In most cases a breeder with a license is reputable, especially if they also are members of the K.C. Assured Breeders Scheme (ABS). This is not always the case, there are breeders who are licensed that are far from reputable, please ensure that you still look for all that we have covered with any breeder (licensed or not). If you have concerns please research further, committee members will be happy to guide you. Puppy farms have been given licenses by their local authorities as they are often large establishments who fulfil the D.E.F.R.A. criteria. This licensing currently only applies to England, not Scotland or Ireland. The T.T.B.O.C. has a list of available pups from reputable breeders, you can refer to the K.C. website, under the find a puppy section. The Tibetan Terrier Association also has a list on their website. These are reputable sources.

Remember when you visit you should be able to view the mother of the pups with her pups, it will be obvious from the pups attempts to suckle that she is their mother. Some mothers are anxious of people being around their pups so she may not be with them for the entirety of your visit. Please spend time with the pups, you may go with an idea of a particular colour or markings, but experienced breeders will lead you to the pup with the personality which most fits your family circumstances. Listen to them they have handled and been with the litter from the day they were born and know all their little traits.

If you choose to rescue our rescue co-ordinators are extremely experienced, listen to their advice.     A rescue dog needs extra time they are not easier than a puppy, you may have to start their training (including house training) from the very beginning. They are not often available and need every consideration; it might take a few months before they begin to feel at home with you. I wish you the joy of having a Tibetan Terrier in your life, they are ‘the little people’ with priceless souls.


The TTBOC Breeders List consists of those breeders who have signed a voluntary contract in accordance with the Club’s guidelines for breeding.  It is in no way connected to the Kennel Club’s Assured Breeders Scheme.

The list runs from August 1st and is renewable annually.

We must stress that the Tibetan Terrier Breeders and Owners Club are not responsible for the actions or conduct of any breeder on this list although we will review the entry of a breeder on the list should complaints arise of which we are made aware.

Berkshire M Hamshere  Ludgate01252
CambsV DaviesPinrow07796141338
NorfolkE LafflingTaxiki07964
NorthantsJ HoneyKhyibrang07919
N YorksM PettitRogspa01748
WarksD SummersRemmus0145
W NorfolkD RudderhamDejaru07729


Please contact Deirdre Rudderham if you have any problems contacting anyone on the list or need information
Tel:  07729 371826   or email

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