Fun Day

An annual Tibetan Terrier fun day is held in conjuction with the Tibetan Terrier Association. This event is a great opportunity to meet the committee, Tibetan Terriers & their owners. This event is usually held in the Midlands area at the beginning of August. Various activities are held throughout the day including a fun dog show. Check our facebook page and website for further updates.

We also run seminars where attendees can learn various aspects of the breed & to support judges in their progression by holding breed appreciation days & accompanying exam. These very informative days are open to everyone.

We also look to run other events and have previously held training days. We know of many Tibetan Terriers who love agility, Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme, scent work, trick training, rally and showing.

2019 Fun Day

2017 Fun Day

2016 Fun Day

2015 Fun Day

2014 Fun Day

2013 Fun Day

2012 Fun Day

2011 Fun Day

2010 Fun Day

2007 Congress Show

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