Judges List

If you need to discuss any matter concerning the judging lists then please contact the Judging List Coordinator.

Mr. Glenn Davies 01536 76211 judges@ttboc.co.uk

The judges list is updated yearly. Any person who has been passed and put on the list is not guaranteed to remain there forever. The Club can remove, replace or re-grade a judge without giving any reason. However, it is the TTBOC’s intention to help promote better and more competent judging and in most cases would give an explanation as to their decision on receipt of a written request by the judge concerned. Any action on the re-grading of a judge would be based on non-compliance of the Club’s criteria, extracts of which are given below.

  • All judges should be aware of the Kennel Club Code of Practice for judging
  • If it is brought to the attention of the TTBOC that any information supplied by an applicant has been falsified in any way, we retain the right to refuse inclusion on our list and may report the matter to the Kennel Club.
  • Judge’s entries at Championship shows will be monitored. Number of entries must be above 50 (geographical situation to be taken into consideration) & a consistent drop in entries would result in a review by the Committee.
  • The judge must have a true & genuine interest in the breed. A person who has judged for a number of years should retain a willingness to increase their knowledge of the breed by attending club seminars, teach-ins etc.
  • Other club examinations or seminars attended by a judge will be taken into account.
  • Feedback from members & exhibitors is to be encouraged. Any comments, whether positive or negative, should be made in writing, should be corroborated & not contain rude or libellous remarks.
  • The Club would appreciate a copy of a judge’s critique & number of dogs judged following an appointment. Yearly updates should be sent in to enable the Club to keep accurate records. This is particularly relevant for those on the A3, B & C lists.

Applications for the judging list should be made initially by filling in the judges Questionnaire which can be found in Forms.

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