Membership to the club is open to everyone. It runs annually from January 1st.

All members receive regular newsletters and reduced entry fees for shows. New members will receive an information pack.

To join, please complete & return a member application form. We ask for  applications  to be proposed and seconded by existing members. However if this is not possible, please contact the Membership Secretary whose details are below.

Applications can be made throughout the year and memberships accepted after October are carried onto the succeeding year. Renewals may be made by completing the renewal form and returning the appropriate fee(s) to the membership secretary. A renewal form is requested to maintain our records.

Please contact The Membership Secretary if your address and other contact details change during your membership.

Membership categories are as follows:

  • Single – adult of 18 years or above
  • Joint – husband and wife or civil partners or joint holders of a registered affix or prefix
  • Family – 1 or 2 adults and children under the age of 18 residing at the same address
  • Overseas – individual or family outside the UK, Channel Islands and Eire

Annual membership fees are as follows:

  • Single – £12/year
  • Joint – £15
  • Family – single or joint fee plus £1 per child
  • Overseas individual, joint, or family – £18

Payment by Standing Order can be downloaded here.

Membership Secretary: Judi Hadlington Tel. 077 09 008 652 or email Membership Secretary

Please note that it is now a Kennel Club requirement for members of all breed clubs to abide by the code of ethics published by the Kennel Club in September 2008. Click here for the link.

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