Entries for our Champ show held in conjunction with Driffield will close on 8th August, so get your entries in now!!

There is also excellent prize money in the Special Classes :-

1st – £10.00 2nd – £6.00 3rd – £4.00

In all 3 Special Classes!! So don’t forget to enter these too

Saturday 28th August 2021 :-   29th TTBOC Championship Breed Show   

Schedule and Entries now available through Fosse Data

To be held in conjunction with Driffield Championship show. We are scheduled the day before TT’s at this show. We will be using a ring after another breed so judging will not start until after noon and should be before 2.00pm.This show will be unbenched and held partially outdoors so exhibitors may wish to bring gazebos or/and umbrellas. PLEASE NOTE as we are running this show on a general championship showground entry and exit passes will be issued along with a Car Park pass. There is no Car park fee.  Please take note that you will need to download your passes from Fossedata 10-14 days before the show. Fossedata will send you an e mail when the passes are ready.. Your ring number(s)  will also be included with your passes and you should bring these along with you.

Online entries can be made at Fosse Data: Championship Dog Show Schedules, Results and Information


Joint Health Statement

It is with regret that we have to inform you that an inherited condition called Pituitary Dwarfism has been diagnosed in Tibetan Terriers. It is a very debilitating condition which affects very young pups causing them to fail to thrive shortly after birth or where they do survive, they fail to grow to normal size along with the possibility of major organ failure and premature death.

This condition has been identified in German Shepherd dogs with a simple recessive mode of inheritance which means that it is caused by a single mutation of a gene.  It is the same mode of inheritance as that of PLL, NCL, and PRA all of which we as a breed have dealt with in a very positive manner in order to produce healthier dogs and to reduce any suffering. It is hoped that we can embrace this new finding in the same manner for the benefit of the breed.

At present the test available for GSD’S is indicating the mutation is the same for TT’s. Of the TT’s tested so far affected dogs are showing two copies of the mutant gene and carriers are showing one.

We are strongly advising in these early days, whilst we become aware of the frequency and prevalence of the mutation that testing for Pituitary Dwarfism is done prior to any mating.

Tests can be ordered from  .  We have negotiated a price reduction its original price of £48 to £36 for a period of 3 months to support the breed at this stage.

Yet again this is a difficult time for breeders but we know that by supporting each other with care and compassion we will work to making our beloved breed a better and healthier one.

Pat Tempest TTA Chairman, Breed Health Coordinator

Philippa Gilbert TTBOC Chairman

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

TTBOC is pleased to announce that we have managed to rearrange our 2021 Championship show that was cancelled for 1st May 2021 .

The new date will be Saturday 28th August 2021 and the venue will be…

Driffield Ch. Show.

Wetherby Racecourse.

The Racecourse,


LS22 5EJ

Our judge will still be Heidi Lawrence.

Our show will be held in a ring when it becomes available after another breed has finished judging at Driffield Ch. Show.

It will mean that the show will not start early in the morning but we have permission to continue judging into the evening if necessary, as it will not be the same day as Utility Breeds.

A judging time of not before will be scheduled so please keep an eye on the timing when the schedule is produced.

Utility breeds will be judged the following day and the TTA Open show is also scheduled for that Sunday. We hope it will encourage many exhibitors to make it a TT weekend.

TTBOC Championship Show 18th July 2021.

It is still our intention to run our Championship show at Stafford Showground utilising the facilities and rings of The Houndshow which is being held on Saturday 17th July 2021. The Houndshow are planning an outdoor show in case government restrictions are not lifted in time to use an indoor venue. If all goes to plan then they will also use some indoor rings. They do not intend to produce schedules until the end of May and therefore we will be following suit. The entries will therefore only be open for a short period of time closing before the end of June.

We will try to keep our members and prospective exhibitors informed as soon as a firm decision can be made.

AGM for 2020 & 2021 to be Held by “Zoom” meeting 1st May 2021

If you wish to attend either AGM please contact the secretary by e mail before 17th April 2021. You must be a member of TTBOC to attend. You will be sent an invite to attend. You will be also be e-mailed  other relevant documents pertaining to the meetings.



We are delighted to have received the huge amount of £700 towards the TTBOC rescue from the organisers of the Jamboree. Thank you

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