The Club

The Tibetan Terrier Breeder & Owners Club was founded in 1981 and was specifically formed to encourage, promote and protect the breeding of pure bred TIBETAN TERRIERS and their natural qualities. We had to wait until 1988 to receive official Kennel Club recognition. The Club organises a number of activities throughout each year covering events such as lectures and seminars, mainly directed at show people admittedly, but also have time for agility, obedience and the major occasion of the year, the Fun Day!!

Following the Kennel Club acceptance, our first show, an Open Show, was held in 1989. We now hold a Championship Show and an Open Show for the showing fraternity which are both well supported. In the show guide section you can find schedules, judges for upcoming shows and a list of TTBOC approved judges. Over time we will be computing a results archive.

The Club is run by a committee who are elected at the annual general meeting. There is provision in the rules to elect co-opted members. Along with all breed clubs, the Committee offer their services voluntarily and it is a real labour of love. The Club is always willing to hear from anyone who would like to put their skills and experience to good use and looking after the needs of Tibetan Terriers is certainly worthwhile. If you’d like to be a member then use the links to find application forms and other stationery. If you’d like to support us in a fiscal fashion, then why not try our extensive range of merchandise.

You can learn something about the Tibetan Terrier breed including information on health issues and see pictures of TT’s in the gallery section. We have a news page for announcements and a section on the world congress, an event which unites TT’s and their owners all around the world!

There is information on agility & obedience, seminars and the much renowned Fun Day.

Part of our work covers looking after those Tibetan Terriers who may have fallen on hard times and we run an active rescue section. We are always looking for good homes for dogs which need re-homing and appreciate any help we can get with this. We also have links to other TT Clubs around the world.

Get in touch if there is anything you feel we should put on the website that would be of benefit to visitors.

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